Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Creativity and Innovation.....


  • Ability to produce new & original idea & thing
  • Anything that someone does in a Way that is original to the creator & that is appropriate to the purpose or goal of the creator.
Creative and innovative thinking

  • Kind that leads to new insights,novel approaches,fresh perspectives,whole new ways of understanding & conceiving of thing.
  • not ability to create out of nothing.
Creativity Involves:-

  • An ability (i.e imagine, invent something new)
  • An attitude( i.e the ability to accept changes & newness)
  • A visualizing act
  • having a vision for an idea.
  • everything around us is a product of innovation
  • doing something different
What are stimulations to creativity???????????
  • Organizational encouragement
  • supervisory encouragement
  • supportive work group
  • sufficient resources
  • challenging work
Obstacles to creativity
  • Organizational implements(minimize internal politics problems)
  • workload pressure(avoid unrealistic time pressures and expectations for productivity)

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